• NO ADDRESS: Part One

    The Colonial Theatre

    March 25 - April 22

    (Rent for 48 hours)


    75 mins






    Caletta Harris



    Lauren Waring-Douglas



    Judy Turnipseed, John Holmes, Jack Burkheimer, Jessica Edmunds

    *Part of the proceeds will go toward land development and building sustainable communities for the un-sheltered*


    Did you know that it is a crime to be homeless? There are over 180 cities in America that criminalize homelessness.


    NO ADDRESS depicts the criminalization of homelessness and how communities across the country can implement proven practical solutions to address this epidemic. Part One covers the history of homelessness in America then focuses on the overall start of criminalizing homelessness back in 2013. You will meet the individuals that fought to rescind the unanimous Columbia City Council's vote to criminalize their homeless population.


    "A well devised and riveting reflection of homelessness exposed in a manner more unveiling. It brings to light and references the status of life stagnation, suffering and the requirement of urgently needed assistance from individuals capable to justifiably help the homeless population."
    ~ Rob Francis


    "Hat's off to you all! That documentary was powerful. I was in tears. Tears form sadness and anger. My heart sank as I saw some of the people I've seen and even talked to...I am inspire to do more!" 

    ~ Teshia McSwain

    "This documentary is so well designed and professionally directed by Caletta and needs to be seen worldwide. Come on America, let’s change this so that the people that have “No Address” can have a place to call “Home,” not homeless." 

    ~ Johnnie McDuffie